Tuesday, March 23, 2010

school for the gifted.

in the basement of a particular building on campus there are bean bag chairs that make for splendid naps. anticipating such a lovely nap i headed toward this certain building. as i approached the door and pushed on it, i found that the handle did not rotate, nor did the door open. perplexed, i stood back and thought about why the building would be locked in the middle of the day. as i was staring at the door, a girl came walking briskly around the corner, grabbed the handle, and instead of pushing like i did, pulled the door open and walked in.
as i sheepishly followed her in to the building i realized that i was entering the maeser building - home of byu's honors program where supposedly the most giften students have class and study. at this moment i realized that the honors program might not be for me...
i also thought about how smart gary larson is.


  1. you prove your point perfectly: "the most giften students have class and study."

  2. hahaha i'm so glad i found your blog. it has greatly enhanced my life.