Sunday, August 22, 2010

dear shadow, alive and well

this cover is incredible. the impeccable timing and precise harmony immediately indicate that klara and johanna have been singing together since birth. it's shockingly beautiful, but their young faces behind the lyrics "i'm turning myself to a demon" make me shiver.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday, August 13, 2010

across the miles and the years

a few weeks ago i was feeling low. and not the typical kind of low, but the kind of low that's there when you wake up in the morning and smothers the chirping birds and the smell of breakfast. nothing was savory. nothing had color.
aching for light, i opened the Ensign and read this article. the sun began to emerge and slowly burn off the gloom. within days i received these letters from faithful friends.

my heart swelled as i read them and their words pushed every cloud from the horizon.
how could they have known? they really couldn't have.

"The answer to your prayer may be the face of an old friend, one you have not seen in years but whose needs suddenly come into your mind and heart and feel as if they are your own. I’ve had that happen to me. Old friends have reached out to me across the miles and the years to offer encouragement when only God could have told them of my burden."

i thank God for faithful friends, and for answers to prayers.

Monday, August 9, 2010

went to chicago

in a van

with my friend

if i was crying

it was for freedom

from myself and from the land.

my best friend, no, my brother, griffith, needed to go to chicago to pick up his visa from the spanish consulate today. in need of adventure i tagged along. it was the perfect experience - just what i needed. we probably spent more time driving to and from than actually visiting the city itself, but the conversation and brotherhood flowed with every mile, only pausing to listen intently to a new tune and to draw blueprints for the world's coolest treehouse. we talked about careers, girls, bands, bounced around ideas to solve inner city poverty. we swapped music, randomly paid the toll for the person behind us, and tested $200 pens. we drank a mixture of every fountain drink from a massive double gulp, and tried to see if we could make it on one tank of gas. we did. and i felt like a kid again.

you came to take us
all things go, all things go
to recreate us
all things grow, all things grow

that's fine

my buddy griff reminded me of this band last night. it's good to see a band with good chops, style, and personality. check out their youtube page and also their amazing covers. i especially like their version of single ladies.

eskimos don't wear galoshes... they wear MUKLUKS!

my sister-in-law showed me this the other night. pretty much made my day.

Friday, August 6, 2010

every concert. ever. ...i think.

lately, in trying to figure out career and other big decisions, i've been thinking a lot about who i am and what i've accomplished in my lifetime. i haven't done a whole lot. i haven't mastered a sport, received straight A's, made an incredible piece of art nor saved anyone's life, but i have been to a lot of concerts. that's an accomplishment right? yes. it is. and to prove that it i've decided to show you in list form.
this list is the result of about a month of brain racking and research, but its most likely still incomplete. i tried to list each line as a different event with the openers first and the headliners last. a lot of the openers have slipped into the recesses of my mind... but that just means they weren't good enough to remember. the list is in no particular order, but kinda in chronological. if you were with me at any of these shows and remember any details feel free to post them and we'll rejoice together in the beautiful memories of good vibes.
i am no athlete, artist, nor hero, but it is safe to say that i am a music lover, and the permanent ringing in my ears proves it.

40 below summer, papa roach, hoobastank, incubus
jem, guster, dave matthews band
dave matthews band x2
new amsterdams, guster
guster, john mayer
frog eyes, wolf parade
modest mouse
some crazy chinese opener with stuffed fruit puppets, wilco
youth group, death cab for cutie
love you long time x3
seve vs. evan
minnesota blue
utah symphony x2
byu men's chorus
carbon leaf, guster
rilo kiley, coldplay
eels (minnesota zoo)
the continentals
the hosannas (church)
desert noises, miniature tigers, the morning benders
the devil whale, moses
the archer's apple x2
dandy lyon
sayde price, desert noises, parlor hawk
sleigh bells, yeasayer
free energy, mates of state


golden smog, of montreal

olympic hopefuls, the fray, guster

franz ferdinand, death cab for cutie

hockey night, maria taylor, mates of state

cloud cult

ted leo and the pharmacists

dosh, andrew bird

mathematics et cetera

andy martin

bob dylan tribute concert


sigur ros

eels (london)

ok ikumi

ingrid michaelson, guster, the avett brothers

peter miller (we are the willows)

the antlers, the national