Monday, April 5, 2010

conference, conversation, and cycles.

everything seems to have been placed back into perspective. through the last few months things have slowly slid out of alignment and become increasingly difficult to keep between the lines. no, perhaps the road had been left completely with the lines completely out of sight. without the smooth pavement beneath me the rocks and roots rattled my bones as any progress made was costly and ineffectual. did i leave for some phantom shortcut? was i enticed by the prospect of food or drink? it doesn't matter. i left, but now i feel like my wheels have been trued and they roll smoothly down the pavement again. my hands once numbed by cruel vibrations begin to tingle with the return of blood and feeling. head up, eyes fixed on the horizon, speed comes effortlessly and the wind's touch on my brow affirms my resolve.


  1. beautiful.
    you know....
    you could just forget medical school and run a bike shop and write....

    just saying.