Wednesday, June 23, 2010

the things our parents buy us

these are my boots.

they're worn

and cracked
but they still carry me well.

my father bought them for me when i first began working for the family business at the age of fourteen. i remember it being an exciting and intimidating day. they were a gift, but once i put them on i knew a higher level of responsibility and diligence was expected of me. i was beginning a man's work.
each gift given me by my parents has been given in this spirit. it would serve as a tool to bring me more comfortably to my destination and, considering the love and sacrifice required to give it to me, i would be expected to accomplish something good with it along the way. i think of all the miles i have walked in these boots and all things that i have achieved while wearing them. service projects, hikes, campouts, landscaping, you name it they've seen it. surely not one of those things would have been attempted without the influence and support of my folks.
i write about this tonight because today after work, after noticing how shabby my footwear was looking, my father took me to the store and bought a me a new pair of boots.

again i feel as if he has given me the tools i will need for the next stage of my life. it's comforting to know that no matter where these boots take me, i will have my parents' support. there's a lot of miles to go, but my feet will be well shod.


  1. those are absolutely beautiful boots.
    (both pair.:) )
    (and this is missy, not hannah. i'm just too lazy to sign out. but i'm sure she would agree.)

  2. these boots are made for workin, thats what they're gonna do. :)

  3. I met a couple on my tour from Hastings, Minnesota. The husband spent his working career at Red Wing shoes. Made me think of you.

  4. Hey, we're boot buddies now. You stole my idea. Hopefully they don't get mixed up during a visit. Anyway, I had a similar experience when your dad bought me the same pair of boots after I cut wood with him in tennis shoes. You really do feel different when you wear boots. It legitimizes the experience. Not to mention that the more that they get beaten up, the better they look.