Saturday, September 25, 2010

do you love me?

it seems that my affection for music can sometimes turn me into some kind of noncommittal social monster with an insatiable appetite. looking for the next hippest style, i bounce from website to website and venue to venue to see which band can cut the edge off my urge for flair. but strangely, burning through mp3 after mp3 often leaves me feeling like i'm completely alone in a room full of people. i'm surrounded by company, but no one to really talk to. when bands come and go so quickly it feels like there's no substance to the relationship between us. even when they're chatting your ear off, you feel lonely.
but then every once and while you connect with a band, their music, and their personalities and stay connected. maybe they're on some kind of parallel track through life that causes them to write music that lends a voice to your situation, or maybe just seeing someone do what they love regardless of what others' think helps you find happiness yourself. whatever it is, they're your friend - a friend that keeps coming back.
every release is like a second chance to sit down and get to know them again. you talk, swap stories, share what's new in your lives, and you find that you're still good friends even despite the fact that they may sound a little different. at your heart, your'e still the same, and before long you can't even remember how it feels to be alone.
for me, guster has always been that band. you'd never find them on the cover of pitchfork, but they (and i) don't care. they're pure, silly, lovable pop, but for some reason i find more depth with them than i do with most indie sensations. i can count on them. when you need it most they go ahead and randomly do something goofy just to make you laugh:

yeah, i do love you.