Monday, January 3, 2011


what i ate on saturday at my parent's home in minnesota:

breakfast: 3 homemade cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting made of cream, powdered sugar and real penzy's vanilla. 1 small bowl of homemade granola cereal with dried apricots.

lunch: toasted corn beef sandwich with grey poupon, romain, and swiss cheese on homemade cheese onion bread. 2 handmade chocolate truffles (one with peppermint and the other a tiny bit of chili powder).

dinner: 1 bowl homemade chili. 1 slice of homemade johnny cake. 1 glass chocolate milk.

what i ate today at my apartment in provo:

breakfast: 2 brown sugar & cinnamon poptarts. half a toasted bagel (accidentally burned the other half)

lunch: 1 handful of cheez-its. 1 glass of water. 2 tablets of daytime cold relief with accetometophin and guaifenesin.

dinner: 2 slices of little caesar's hot 'n ready pizza (curtesy of church activity). 1 bowl of golden grahams.

welcome back to college, tucker.


  1. At least it's probably fewer calories?

  2. That's hilarious. Real life is hard.

  3. I miss yer Mom's cooking... SO BAD!