Saturday, January 15, 2011

remember you was a kid, reminisce, days of the innocence now it's [timorous t.], google me the images

a friend wrote a lovely post about a dopleganger of hers she found via google. my thoughts were effectively provoked and my curiosity worked together with my vanity to peer-pressure me in to searching the web for my parallel personas. this is what it turned up.

my favorite image of, not an individual, but the remnant of a company formed by two.

apparently i directed this sketchy B horror flick released in 1990:

"what do you suppose these stupid hicks know about fixin' cars?"
"well, i imagine they know a lot about fixin' cars."

also, i went to springville high and graduated from the air national guard:

Air National Guard Airman Tucker Johnson

this is interesting because as a kid i was obsessed with anything military and especially loved airplanes. i still think about getting my pilots license someday when i'm old and rich. i could take my grandkids to prom by flying them over the school and letting them parachute out. much cooler than a limo.

but this is my personal favorite:

Journey to the WEG: Tucker Johnson Hopes His Last WEG Will Be His Best

any occupation that allows me to wear a tuxedo, a tophat, and a have a blanket on my lap at the same time is definitely a winner.

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  1. According to Google, I am a black model that doesn't do nude shots. Thank goodness for that.