Friday, October 8, 2010

swim until you can't see land

i swim like a barge. maybe it's my width, density, or just my lack of coordination, but whenever i want to go somewhere in the water it costs extreme amounts of effort. i kick, pull, breathe, and sweat but my progress from the deck always looks as slow as a steamboat headed up the mississippi. that's why whenever i need to travel and get some miles behind me, i use a vehicle. a lot of times it's a bicycle, but every once and a while i venture out in a car. at the end of this summer i drove myself, three bikes, two guitars, a banjo and just about everything else i own from my parents' home in minnesota to my apartment in provo, utah. stopping to visit my sister and brother in kansas the trip totaled about 1,600 miles. bored to tears after a few hundred miles i decided to try and entertain myself (and probably endanger the lives of all the nearby drivers) by taking little video shots along the way. the video gathered dust on my hard drive until this week when i again felt the urge to do some wandering. a lot of the urge was inspired by the featured song. when all i wanted to do was swim away from shore and never look back all i could think about was getting the car and swimming on down the interstate. travel presents an opportunity for repentance. if you're willing to make the effort you can arrive at a new home with a clean slate. if you go far enough, the once jagged coast disappears and all that's left is pure flat blue.

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  1. Tucker! I love love love this!! You really are so talented. And I mean it! I hope you are doing good and that you have a happy day today!